At Notre Dame Hospice we focus on enriching lives. We work with our patients, caregivers and families to promote and enhance the quality of the time that remains. Our hospice care is not focused on the disease but on pain control and symptom management. Our care is also focused on more than your medical needs, we’re here to offer emotional and spiritual support as well.

We’ll encourage you and your loved ones to partner with us to allow us to deliver the type of care that speaks to your needs and reflects your wishes. We’ll take the time to learn who you are as an individual and understand what matters to you. Then tailor our care to support your wishes and goals.

Hospice services are offered in the patient’s home, assisted living facility, nursing home, hospital setting or personal care homes.



We understand that your advancing illness is not only touching your life but your family’s life as well. So we’ll be there to comfort your family and help them through any challenging days ahead. Through our Bereavement Services we provide support for those who have lost a loved one by helping them adjust, begin to heal, and ultimately regain the ability to re-invest in life. Remember at no point in this journey will you walk alone because we’ll be walking right there next to you.


In-Patient Home Care

Should you and your physician determine you need a level of care that is no longer feasible at home, Notre Dame Hospice offers advanced care through our beautiful Chateau de Notre Dame and Wynhoven facilities.

Chateau de Notre Dame and Wynhoven were built to evoke a home like atmosphere while providing 24 hour skilled care. Large rooms, areas to gather, and comfortable furnishings add to the setting allowing patients to live like they would in their own home.

Residents can also enjoy the company of family and friends without the restrictions of visiting hours. Guest apartments are available for family members to be near their loved ones at all times. We’re here to encircle you and your loved ones with 24 hour care delivered in a warm and loving place.