Hospice As a Choice

Hospice is often the choice when you and your physician determine that aggressive treatment is no longer helpful nor desirable and that life expectancy can no longer be measured in years but in months. It is when the focus becomes on the quality of life, on controlling symptoms and managing pain.  Many say hospice is actually about hope. The hope for living in comfort and the ability to truly live life to the fullest. And hope for the love and joy that still remains.

The decision to choose Notre Dame Hospice as your hospice provider can be made by you, your physician and your family. You choose the hospice provider that you want to choose. It is your journey, you can choose who walks with you.

Hospice is about choice. We’ll tailor our care to be directed by you and focused on who you are as an individual, what your goals ans wishes are. Even your choice to remain on hospice is just that, a choice. You can choose to withdraw from hospice care at any time to seek medical treatment that may become available.

Research shows that some individuals actually live longer with hospice than they would have without receiving hospice services. Maybe that’s because patients with hospice are more likely to receive better symptom control, practical support, emotional support and spiritual support. In fact, people on hospice report their overall care as ‘excellent’ compared with those not in hospice care.

Notre Dame Hospice really is about faith, hope and love.