I am Living with an Illness

We believe in giving our patients the important option of how to live with advancing illness in their own way. Every day we see how hospice improves the lives of our patients and reduces stress and worry for those who love them.  Yet when considering hospice care, there are often many questions. Making the best decision for you and for your family begins with understanding the hospice choice, the role hospice can play in your life and the lives of your loved ones and what choosing hospice really means.

We created this section of our web site to give you insights into how hospice care can improve the quality of life for both the patient as well as their loved ones. And how Notre Dame Hospice is different. Here you’ll find insights and experiences from those who have been in your shoes. And information on options and choices in end of life care.

When the goal becomes about the quality of life, we can help you discover how hospice can help you refocus on living by controlling pain, managing symptoms and empowering you with choices, control and dignity.

And there is also peace of mind. Because everything we do is in accordance with church teaching.


Getting Started

If you still have questions please give us a call, we’re here to provide answers and help you make an informed decision.

It is perfectly acceptable to talk with your doctor about hospice and ask for a referral if you feel hospice is right for you or your loved one. Hospice is available to anyone with an advanced illness and a limited life expectancy.

If you would like, we can speak with your physician for you. Remember, the hospice choice is yours to make.


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Who Pays for Hospice

Hospice care is a 100% covered benefit under Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance pays for hospice care.

We can verify coverage for the family and can assist with the Medicaid application process if necessary.

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How Hospice Can Support the Family

We understand that this journey is not just yours – your family and friends are part of it as well. As your family maintains an active role in caring for you, we’ll make sure no one walks this journey alone. They’ll have the full support of our team from our expertly trained nurses, to our hospice aides who will help with daily caregiving, to our chaplains and social workers. Imagine a team of people dedicated to providing the best care possible while ensuring no one in your family feels completely overwhelmed or like they are facing this struggle alone.

Beyond supporting them in their caregiving role, we’re here to help them with the emotional impact of caring for a loved one with a serious illness. We’re not just centered on how the patient is doing but on how the family is as well. If they just need someone to talk to, a hand to hold or have spiritual questions, we’re here to help.

We’ll also be there to for any challenging days ahead, helping them through their grief, offering support, and helping them adjust and heal.

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Hospice As a Choice

Hospice is often the choice when you and your physician determine that aggressive treatment is no longer helpful nor desirable and that life expectancy can no longer be measured in years but in months. It is when the focus becomes on the quality of life, on controlling symptoms and managing pain.  Many say hospice is actually about hope. The hope for living in comfort and the ability to truly live life to the fullest. And hope for the love and joy that still remains.

The decision to choose Notre Dame Hospice as your hospice provider can be made by you, your physician and your family. You choose the hospice provider that you want to choose. It is your journey, you can choose who walks with you.

Hospice is about choice. We’ll tailor our care to be directed by you and focused on who you are as an individual, what your goals ans wishes are. Even your choice to remain on hospice is just that, a choice. You can choose to withdraw from hospice care at any time to seek medical treatment that may become available.

Research shows that some individuals actually live longer with hospice than they would have without receiving hospice services. Maybe that’s because patients with hospice are more likely to receive better symptom control, practical support, emotional support and spiritual support. In fact, people on hospice report their overall care as ‘excellent’ compared with those not in hospice care.

Notre Dame Hospice really is about faith, hope and love.

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